A lot comes with being a mom, a wife, and simply a woman. In fact, many of us give up so much for spouses and our children, including careers, money, and even a passionate hobby. We live to see our children and other people happy, but we rarely acknowledge our own happiness.

Sound familiar?

Today’s modern world has us rushing around and wearing so many hats that we can’t seem to find ourselves. Where was that class in college on how to satisfy everyone? Where was the book on raising teenagers in a digital world? How can I find a happy-medium within my Autistic child’s school? What can I do about these mid-life crisis moments?

Honey, those are LIFE LESSONS! Stick with me and I’ll teach you how you can make life easier for yourself, keep things organized at home and work, stay healthy and happy, and yet still be that woman you want to be.

kat mahoney

Kat Mahoney
Author/Blogger, Digital Educator, Public Speaker & Life Coach