Saturday is “Bad Day” Day! How to Have an Awesome Bad Day!

I’ve had more than enough of my fair share of “Bad Days”, so when I heard about this, I was actually super excited! Who would have guessed to create a day specifically for all of us clumsy, misfortunate mental messes! Now, I can publically display my bad hair days, spilt coffee antics, hyperventilating moments of disparity, and overwhelming moments of emotional meltdowns  without feeling a tiny bit out of the ordinary! In fact, all those “normal” people will be the dysfunctionals on Have A Bad Day, Day!

Now, wait a minute, I know what you’re thinking. “But Kat, this is suppose to be an inspirational blog!” and it is! But what a great time to ENJOY having a bad day and passing it on to your neighbors! What???  Just think about it. Everyone has a bad day, but there are no rules to how a “perfect” day should be. You can still spill your coffee on your shirt before a meeting and have a good day. It’s all in the way you handle it. If you add kindness, humor, and even compassion to a day, everyone will actually enjoy your dysfuncationality! Let’s get started!

Your Bad Day Motivator



If you’re like me and make really awful cookies, share them with your neighbors. Add a card that says “Happy Bad Day Day! My bad day is a bunch of burnt cookies! I could use some good cooking tips and advice! Let’s share recipes over lunch!”



Are you a teacher or know a teacher? Yep, teachers have bad days too with little pre-schoolers painting all over the walls and making messes! Call up a friend and go paint the town instead.  Happy Bad Day Day deserves a girls night out!



Bad day at the office? Someone made dark strong coffee that is absolutely unbearable to drink no matter how much creamer they put in it. Place a note next to the coffee pot that says “Happy Bad Day Day! We all need strong support like our coffee! Let’s get to work as a team!”



So your bad day is that you got paid and now practically half your paycheck went to your rent, food, and a movie? Give a homeless person a note card gifted with a $10 bill that says “Happy Bad Day Day! I was having a bad day, but you deserve this more than me! Enjoy dinner on me!”



Are you a mom having a difficult time with kids, marriage, or a mid-life crisis? Get a box of different emoji pins with a variety of facial expressions. Pick one out and wear it on your shirt all day. Your mood and face has to match the emoji. Happy Bad Day Day! Be trendy and express yourself! Let the mood swings begin!

You are allowed to have a Bad Day!

Just like mental health, we all have good days and bad days. Some may have more than others, but that doesn’t make us weird or unreliable. How you handle it is the important part because that shows just how “human” we really are.


Have you had a bad day that you thought was unrecoverable? Do you look back at it now and laugh? Share it with us!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. PTcontender says:

    The day before my period gets here is always such a bad day! Crying, anger, sadness, short tempered, and then the next day makes me laugh bc I’ve started and now know why I cried when someone gave me a chocolate lol so yeah we def have those I’m a mess days too :))


    1. Kat M says:

      I completely understand! The ride gets more wild at mid-life too! Some days my teens will mimic the Snicker’s commercial where the person is acting like a celebrity until a friend gives them a snickers bar, so my kids give me a Snicker’s bar and say “Have a Snickers. You aren’t yourself today mom!’

      Liked by 1 person

  2. PTcontender says:

    Lol! Your kids are funny. Will have to use that one myself and give myself chocolates when im not myself :))

    Liked by 1 person

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