Turning Turkey Troubles to Thankful

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and you were able to fill your bellies until you were overwhelmingly sated to the point of laziness.

Unfortunately our oven was not working properly as we left the turkey in well over the suggested time but when it was time to eat, it wasn’t completely done and my yams came out really runny after cooking them in the same oven. To top it off, I burnt myself as the boiling water from a pan splashed out onto my stomach, suction-cupping my blouse to my skin until my husband had to peel it off me. Yep, now I have a horrible burn covering my stomach. Luckily for me I always have my coconut oil and Aloe Vera handy in the kitchen and I was able to get myself patched up nicely. It’s still very painful, but it could have been worse.

At any rate, we gave up and just went out to eat, but there were no complaints here! We drove out to look at the holiday lights village afterwards, drank some hot cocoa and ate dessert, so it was still an enjoyable time together as a family. It may not have been the Thanksgiving we planned, but we made the most of it and it turned out just as great!

And I have the mark to remember this Thanksgiving 2016!


Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

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