Reconnecting with Life and Death

This weekend I was able to visit my family up in New York. We spent a lot of time remenescing about old memories, family long gone, and dreams of the future. Watching my nieces and nephews with my own kids really made me miss my childhood. Things were simpler when we were younger, but not necessarily better. All the changes I saw before my eyes in just one visit re-enforced my thoughts on how sacred life is.

A rare photo of my father and I

Even spending time with my husbands family made me nastolgic. My husband and I were married at 18, we were high school sweethearts, so I’ve known his family for over 20 years as well. Watching his baby sisters grow up and going through his brother’s death were just as heart touching and breaking for me as it was for him. They are my family too.

Me, my daughter, and my husband at my first daughters grave buried with my husband’s grandparents and brother

We stopped by to visit my first born daughter, Alexandria, at the local cemetery. She’s buried with my husband’s grandparents and his brother, Stephen. Stephen suffered for 17 year’s as a quadrapeligic from a freak accident at 16. My kids were very close to Stephen, so the tears were inevitable, but we never forget those who touch our lives so deeply.

This weekend was a journey of reconnection. We reconnected with our families. We reconnected with those who are gone but not forgotten. We reconnected with each other.

My husband and three teens paying respects to Stephen, my husband’s younger brother

Reconnection opens our eyes to life. Life is too short. Go out and reconnect with it. You will definitely find peace in one or two good memories worth sharing.

Who or what do you plan to reconnect with in the coming new year?

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  1. What a very moving and truthful post. It sounds like you had a lovely weekend catching up with family but also remembering those lost and just enjoying time as a family.


    1. Kat M says:

      Thank you! Its just so weird how fast life grows. Even now, this year flew by so quickly and we’ll be welcoming 2017 in just a few more weeks. I hope you have just as many wonderful family memories. =)

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