A New Throw Back Thursday for Happiness #TBTHappiness

Okay it’s Throw Back Thursday time and I normally do this on Facebook with my family and friends, but why should happiness be a closed deal? So I’m opening up a Throw Back Thursday Happiness #tbthappiness  for everyone who loves gloating about their loved ones and their lives!

To play here are the rules:

  1. Share a photo of a HAPPY moment in your life based around a photo I put up. For instance, if I put up a photo of a brown dog wearing a Santa hat, you can put up a photo of another other pet, a Christmas tree, holiday cookies, a brown sweater, etc. You just have to look at the photo and decide from anything in that photo you want to piggy back from, be it color, object, person, emotion, etc. If you need help, use one of the keywords from my post.
  2.  Be sure to add TBTHappiness in your keyword tags field
  3.  The theme has to be HAPPY
  4. Tell us about the photo and why it made you HAPPY!
  5. Pingback to my original post so we can all see the #tbthappiness for that week

Let’s start …

This #TBTHappiness is a special treasured moment for me. This week in 2007 my husband came home early from a military deployment in Afghanistan to be able to spend Christmas with us! We were SO HAPPY! And this photo makes me happy because my kids are no longer this tiny and it’s a memory for me!


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