Being Military Meant Home Was Where We Ended Up Together

When we were military we never really had a place to call home. Most people think of home as one place, one state, one country you call your own. We moved around so often, traveled all over the world, and my husband was deployed and gone so much that nothing ever felt like “Home”. In fact, “home” was simply where we were together as a family. We learned to do everything together, we depended on each other because we never had family or close friends nearby.

To this day it bothers me when people ask me “Where are you from?” I always respond “All over!” There is no one place we call home.

Many times our home was a travel trailer
Many times our home was a travel trailer

Being military meant my husband and I had to work things out, which in turn helped us became closer because any problems we had, we solved together. We couldn’t run home to mom and dad and move into their basement. Not when you lived in another country or even across the ocean. Money was few and far between, but we learned how to be frugal and recycle and not waste.

My kids became closer. Each time they moved to a new school and joined new activities, they only had each other to turn to. They are still close being in their late teens and they have memories and inside jokes that others wouldn’t understand. They also experienced cultural differences, traditions, and travel that not many other kids get to enjoy at such a young age.

On the road again!
On the road again!

Through the whole experience, we all learned how to be a family, so Home to us isn’t one place, one time, one object. Home to us is a thousand memories wrapped up in one.  And when my husband finally retired from the military and we were deciding on where to live, we couldn’t decide. There was not one place we found HOME to be, but MANY PLACES! And to this day, we only find comfort through traveling.

Just like family doesn’t have to be blood-related (I was adopted), home doesn’t have to be limited either. Make the most of where you are and you will always find your way “home“.

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  1. vinneve says:

    I like your last words/quote.


    1. Kat M says:

      Thank you Vinneve!

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