Looking Back on 2016 Shows How Blessed I Truly Am

I have so many photographs on film and digital that I could start an ancient tomb of historical archives for our family. Someday I might have to put it all together in a documentary film after my daughter graduates from Film School, but for now, I’m happy to share some of my most memorable moments of 2016. Some photos are clickable to see larger.

January 2016

My husband had to work that night but the kids and I stayed up and watched the ball drop in NYC. Trust me, we are much happier watching it all happen from the comfort of our own warm home.

Happy New Year 2016

February 2016

You have got to be kidding me! This is why I’m so glad I have teen boys. A snowstorm hits us like a ton of bricks and traps us inside for 5 days.

March 2016

Celebrated my teen daughter’s birthday at her favorite restaurant. To see another year of my baby girl growing up is literally tear-jerking.

Enjoying Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee for her birthday

April 2016

My teens serve Spaghetti Dinner to the community for a fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity. H4H is a global nonprofit housing organization working in nearly 1,400 communities across the United States and in approximately 70 countries around the world.

Serving dinner for H4H. I am so proud of my kids.

May 2016

Celebrated my oldest teenage son’s birthday this month. I’m really beginning to feel old at this point.

Someone order the brownie melt with a candle?

June 2016

We took a short glamping trip to Gettysburg Pennsylvania in June to hike the paths and rocks up the mountain.

July 2016

In July we headed to Knoebels Amusement Park in Pennsylvania for some family fun!

August 2016

Off to King’s Dominion Campground for some glamping and amusement park fun!  And then to the Science Museum of Virginia. We can’t get enough of learning in Science, Technology, and Art!

September 2016

My oldest son is driving now and I am both nervous and overjoyed because now he can drive me around!

My oldest son driving me to the store
My oldest son driving me to the store

October 2016

My middle teen son celebrates his birthday with a movie, then coming home so he can game all night!

Crazy shot for the birthday boy
Crazy shot for the birthday boy

November 2016

My daughter leads a team for the local Film Festival and wins in the Top 10  for her short film. My boys help with the film.

We then spent Thanksgiving at Cracker Barrel because our oven broke!

Thanksgiving 2016
Thanksgiving 2016

December 2016

We took a trip to visit family and we stop in to visit my husband’s brother’s grave and our first daughter we lost in 1992. We also spent Christmas in a little town called Peddler’s Village.

Though the year has passed and we are now looking forward to 2017, reviewing the past 12 months has given me an opportunity to see all the changes for the better. We have learned to cope with issues, face challenges, and enjoy life together as a family. I am definitely so blessed!

You can read more about our family travel trips and adventures from our Travel Blog at WeDiscover.us

4 Comments Add yours

  1. What lovely photos and memories! I think I need to do this sort of a blog as we so easily forget and just continually look forward to what is coming next! Thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Kat M says:

      Thanks so much! I’m a pest with the photography but my family is used to it because at the end of the day, they love the memories. Its also an eye opener to how fast your kids grow and change over just one year!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy 2017, Kat! It’s so cool to see all the memories you guys made last year :)) It makes me want to make a scrapbook for me and my boyfriend lol Best wishes for more happy memories this year :))


    1. Kat M says:

      Thanks Jess! I think you should make a scrapbook! It’ll be fun to see how much you be changes and what you’ve learned over the year. 😄

      Liked by 1 person

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