Shut the Hell Up About Valentine’s Day

I hate Valentine’s Day its the dumbest holiday. Seriously, why celebrate a day of love? It’s only salt on the wound for those of us with unromantic partners or those without partners at all. In fact all the posts and articles from women who say “my husband never remembers but that’s okay I know he loves me, I’m okay with that …” are seriously kidding themselves. They are trying to cover up what they are really feeling to make themselves feel better and NOT feel guilty about having an expectation to marriage or love. Well stop feeling guilty!! Why do you not deserve to be romanced?? We give gifts on birthdays, we give gifts to best Friends, we give gifts on holidays, not because we HAVE to, but because it makes YOU feel good to make the other person feel good. Why does that stop with LOVE? Because, ladies, don’t tell me you don’t love it when your man brings you flowers or takes you out to dinner, or surprises you with a gift!

And for the person who said “stop being material” Shut the hell up … Just seriously … Because it has nothing to do with materialism, some of us are simply romantic and there is nothing wrong with wanting that in your life! Some people are NOT romantic, but don’t judge those of us who are and make it seem like we are bad because we want romance and enjoy flowers and romantic candlelit dinners. Because maybe if we had more romance in the world we wouldn’t have so much divorce!

And because it matters to me, my husband tries. He’s not perfect at it and he forgets … A LOT … but he tries. Take a lesson from that and at least TRY today guys. I love my husband, just sayin’

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