How to Express Yourself Through Words You Cannot Say

I love my beautiful orchids my husband got me for valentines day along with chocolates. I prefer potted plants and flowers over cut flowers that only last a few days. It meant a lot to me that my husband went out of his way to find the perfect gift in expressing his love, but the best part was the card he got.


Despite the fact my husband is Autistic and does not communicate well, he is not a romantic and he doesn’t often express his emotions (whether love, sadness, or joy) in public. Juicy romantic tear-jerking moments aren’t his thing, but he is sweet, compassionate, and affectionate when he needs to be. So when it comes to cards, he always tries his best to find the perfect one to express what he cannot say. I always love the cards he picks out for me.


I, on the other hand, am a very expressive person, so finding a card for another person is difficult for me because I never find one so deeply touching that I feel like I wrote it myself. Surprisingly enough, I found this amazing card that fit each one of my kids perfectly! I have never come across such a card that spoke directly from my heart.




And then with the good, comes the bad.

Sadly my brother broke his back sledding with his two little boys a few days ago and is going through a lot of pain and a very difficult time right now. So today I went out looking for a Get Well card.


Low and behold, I simply could not find one that expressed sympathy, yet made him smile. However, what I did find among the masses, was the most unexpected card that had me cracking up. I’m just curious why this card was in the GET WELL section! If I gave this to my brother he’d think he was dieing!



As much as I’d like to see my sister in law crack up and my brother freak out, I decided to go with the “dirty minded humor” card instead:


All in all, cards can speak the words many of us cannot say or don’t know how to. They express an emotion that represents the inner spirit of ourselves and translate a deeper understanding. From love, apology, sympathy, and celebration, a simple card can make the most amazing difference.

Is there a special card have you received or given that you will never forget or perhaps you still hold onto?

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