Support World Autism Awareness Day with Unique Wine Glass Charms!

World Autism Awareness Day is April 2, 2017 and I know this all too well with my daughter, my son, and my husband living with Aspergers Syndrome (Autism Spectrum). When my oldest son was diagnosed, it took years to figure out why he was not communicating well, had trouble with social settings, did odd sounds and gestures, and was falling way behind in school. By the time he was seven, we finally got a diagnosis and the support began. When my youngest daughter began to show signs, we took her in to be evaluated as well. She too was diagnosed around the age of ten. After several family counseling sessions and Autism therapy, we discovered my husband also had several signs and symptoms, but Autism was not discovered when he was younger. Now everything else that made our marriage difficult int he beginning, all made sense. Thanks to Autism Awareness, my middle son and I have learned how to connect better with the other three and they in turn have learned how to communicate better with us.

What exactly is Asperger’s Syndrome and how is it connected to Autism?

Asperger syndrome is a condition on the autism spectrum, with generally higher functioning. Whilst Autism in a whole is a condition, there are seperate types of Autism just like there are seperate types of any mental disability.

A great place to find out more about Autism is through the Autism Society or Asperger’s Syndrome from the Aspen Education Network.

Support and Celebrate!

To celebrate their unique way of looking at life and honor your support, my company is giving away a cute set of Autism Wine Glass Charms (set includes Blue, Purple, Red, and Yellow Autism Puzzle Ribbons).

Autism Support 4 Set 000 _SGG

How can you win? Visit our Facebook or Instagram and subscribe! Already subscribed? Increase your fortune with more chances to win by sharing this post via social media! Winner will be announced on our Facebook page April 30th.

And don’t fret it if you don’t win, you can still order this set from our Etsy site at and celebrate with other Autism Supporters and their families!

Good luck and please support your local Autism Groups!

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