My main focus in self-published book writing is to provide informative or imaginative thinking. I started writing books for military families when working with my own children and their emotional changes. This movement helped me enrich the lives of many military families as I then moved onto creating and Founding an organization that has now become a Club in schools for military kids and deployments.


After the success of this implementation, these positive changes have encouraged me to moved forward in helping ALL families deal with changes in modern parenting.

Military Family Publications

My most popular publications were created for military families and children. These publications were supported by military organizations worldwide, including Lockheed Martin, the aircraft company who created the C-130 Hercules. All military children’s books are written under my first name (Beth Mahoney) to separate the genre.


Other Publications

Some of my other publications include my own personal biography and the struggles I went through, a guide for moms in the digital age, and a science fiction/fantasy book for middle school students.

All of these books can be purchased from